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Man & News We’ve trawled through myriad trends at the Milan, Paris, Mumbai and New York fashion weeks and whittled it down to the most eye-catching, interest-stirring trends that ruled the runways for the autumn-winter collections. Get inspired and dip into the Arvind Autumn Winter Collection 2016 to don the mantle of the global Indian [...]


Arvind Store hosted an exclusive event at flagship store located at Jayanagar, Bengaluru where over 50 Grooms & Groomsmen To-Be were makeover’d.

High Five

High Five The 5 Trends to Invest in This Season, Says Fashion Curator Nishat Fatima! 1. Slouchy Suits & Trousers The past few seasons, fashion has yo-yoed between the 70s and the 90s. Bomber jackets in nylon and florals hark to the hippie era, while an urban grunge edge brings to mind Kurt Cobain and [...]

For the rooted indian who doesn’t try too hard… He doesn’t need to!

For the rooted indian who doesn’t try too hard… He doesn’t need to! Wear your attitude Your ensemble is important but your carriage is even more critical Printed linen blazer combined with a buttoned-down linen kurta (pair with pants in the colour of the kurta or for a more casual look, try ripped denims) At [...]

Muse Men

Muse Men Style analyst Cathy D’Souza picks two of fashion’s most wanted. Long gone are the days when women dominated the fashion spotlight while their male counterparts found themselves sidelined to anonymity. In the last decade, we’ve seen men push the boundaries and break through black-tie stereotypes to introduce more definition in their sartorial choices [...]

Suited Booted

Suited Booted Every man needs a suit. At least one. In the world of men’s fashion, jackets and suits run the sartorial roost, says lifestyle commentator Sonali Kokra. Suited Booted Don’t dismiss it. It’s true, there are few absolute truths in the world but one of them is this: Every man needs a suit. At [...]

“Want to be sexy? Just be nice!”

“Want to be sexy? Just be nice!” Says super model Amit Ranjan. To be comfortable in your skin is the cornerstone of elegance and grace. Then comes the suit you choose to don… By Sonali Kokra “Make sure you look your best and then forget it! Focus on the occasion, the people around you… that’s [...]

Stay True. Stay New.

Stay True. Stay New. Kulin Lalbhai Executive Director The sense of fashion is like no other. It is dynamic and evolving, and making the right impression through one’s sartorial choices is critical…. We are delighted to present the Autumn Winter fashion magazine from the house of Arvind, one of the country’s most premier and pioneering [...]

Party Style

Party Style There’s been a revolution in Men’s party style this season. Whether it’s a DJ night, a sit-down dinner, a formal outdoor get-together with the boss or a networking binge, be on fleek! By Riya Malik It’s harder for men than women—to keep their party-dressing different from other celebrations—but with a few key tweaks [...]

Ethnic Wedding Looks for the Win: Get You Fashion A Game On

Ethnic Wedding Looks for the Win: Get You Fashion A Game On Men today are getting a lot more adventurous when it comes to experimenting with colours, fabrics, textures and patterns, and a wedding is the perfect occasion to showcase your style, flaunt a new look and make a dapper statement. If you want a [...]

Build the base

Build the base 7 must-follow habits For all ‘good’ men. Ditch the nonsense and get back to the basics with our blueprint of handy, life-enhancing grooming tips for looking your best. A Bible for all men, by beauty expert Anubha Charan Turns out that the old adage is true—men do have thicker skin! In fact, [...]

Groom Right & Festive Bright

Groom Right & Festive Bright Your big day’s coming up and you’re a 100 percent clueless about what to wear? You’re not alone. A lot of men face the same dilemma when they feel pressured to dress right for a wedding or a special occasion. The Autumn-Winter Groom… Such days demand you walk a tight [...]

Game, Set & Match

Game, Set & Match The insider’s guide to aceing the shades to wear this season. Pick and choose to suit yourself,advises fashion curator Nishant Fatima. If ever there is a season to prove that men can wear colour, it is this. Autumn Winter 2016 is awash in brights and darks, in jewel tones and even [...]

Date Diary

Date Diary It’s a true cliché: First impressions matter! By Sonali Kokra Especially in the digital age, where romantic interest often starts with a strategically lit display photo and ends with the double chins of reality. Who amongst us can resist the temptation of using a flattering, if misleading, profile photo if it means securing [...]

Ship Shape

Ship Shape The Reason Why so Many Men End up as Fashion Disasters Despite Trying Hard, Is Because Unlike Women, Most Opt for What Looks Good, Not What Looks Good on Them. Hear What Fashion Observer Sonali Kokra Has to Say How many times have you heard the woman in your life bemoan the fact [...]

Stylish Men Are Not Poppies

Stylish Men Are Not Poppies On the importance of being fashionable by Creative Director Sounak Sen Barat To Look Good… an Existential Need As social beings, we are wired that way. I don’t know anyone who intentionally wants to look unattractive. Or anyone who doesn’t like being complimented for looking good. Do you? Despite trends [...]

Die For Detail

Die For Detail “Fashion fades, style is eternal,” said Yves Saint Laurent… and real style lies in the little things, says Sonali Kokra From the pen you carry to the wallet in your pocket, it’s all in the details. and no it’s not about high sounding brand names Yves Saint Laurent sure was on to [...]