The 5 Trends to Invest in This Season, Says Fashion Curator Nishat Fatima!


The past few seasons, fashion has yo-yoed between the 70s and the 90s. Bomber jackets in nylon and florals hark to the hippie era, while an urban grunge edge brings to mind Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. But the big story this season takes its cues from the 80s. From a more formal time, though styled in a more casual avatar. Think Richard Gere from American Gigolo meets Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network. In real terms, that’s Armani’s scene stealing suits paired with sneakers and backpacks. The suit is your investment piece, but not as you know it. Now, it’s a fluid construct, from a jacket, which falls softly to the hip, and tailored trousers that are loose at both hip and ankle.It’s in the smart casual space. Often, the footwear is sneakers. Or shoes without socks. But, this trend is not about being careless.It’s just about being a little unbuttoned.


Being square is cool this season. Plaids, houndstooth, tartan were in abundance on the international ramps, from Burberry and Dior Homme to Bottega Veneta, Fendi and Valentino. And it wasn’t just the odd jacket spotting, there were top to toe looks. Checks were everywhere. Check out the bandi and trouser combine from Arvind below. There were scarves, there were bomber jackets,there were suits, coats and sweatshirts. Name a garment and it came out checked. And it wasn’t a just a parade of black, white and grey, it was a marvellous mash of colours. Mixes ranged from a classic black and maroon at Dior Homme, to a free-spirited 70s reimagining of blue,or a manly chocolate, grey and black Fendi. Another cool trend is to throw a jacket on an oversized shirt over slouchy trousers.

From the bow-tie above, to the Arvind ensemble on the left, checks appeared in different colour mixes and across garments


India has never been completely divorced from velvet – no festive season or wedding is completely devoid of a touch – but it’s not been top of our radar for a few years. As for the international scene – not a sighting. Till Fall 2016. Where it’s all over the place. Crushed velvet, in reds and maroons, in rust and copper, in bitter chocolate and gold and bottle green. And of course, the favourite blue as you see in the pick from Arvind on the right. As coats, and suits and trousers and shirts. As accents – lapels and pocket linings, cuffs – and accessories. Yes, buy yourself a pair of velvet smoking slippers. It plugs into the spirit of the dandy dresser, a little look-at-me, and a lot of elegance.There are plenty of suits and lots of classic tailoring to back up the rich touch and feel and unusual colour palette of the fabric.It’s the new staple.


Don’t shy away from shimmer, shine, and colours like you see in this stylish ensemble from Arvind… Go for it

This is not usually a trend you see on the menswear shows, but hey, this season, men aren’t being left out of the peacock phenomenon. Metallics are huge, there are sequin-sheeted trousers, there is embroidery, there is the sheen of silk. Winter is festive and how. Silver metallic trousers are a mini trend all unto themselves, while gold frogging was the embellishment du jour on the other big trend – military jackets (more about that later). Unlike in Indian wear, where no one is afraid of shine or sequins – and embroidery is de rigueur – all of this can be rather intimidating when it comes to Western wear. So, here’s the style sheet. The most accessible way into the trend is with a silk shirt. Wear it all by itself or under a jacket. Mastered the silk shirt? Next up is the nylon bomber jacket. Or if you’re in India, throw on a bandi jacket over your shirt and trousers. Subtle shine and just so cool. Toughened it out? Leather pants, anyone?

Shine and shimmer on your pocket square, on your coat, on your bandgala, it’s everywhere. Check this dapper number from Arvind


If you could appropriate one movie line for this season, it would be ‘May the Forces be with you’. The armed forces were a major inspiration point for designers across the fashion capitals. Military leanings and naval looks popped up time and again. The formal tie-pin dressed-up-officer look is an offshoot you may choose. Fall is serious business in the West. But in India, where the season is more a nippy morning than a freezing day, the way to embrace the trend is in its evening wear avatar. Pick a shorter jacket (waist or hip length), check that it’s got either decorative stripes, gold buttons or frogging and go ahead and pair it with a T-shirt, jacket and jeans. Et voila, you’re dressy without being too dressed up.

The formal, tie-pin, dressed-up-officer look for the evening do is an offshoot of the military trend

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