There’s been a revolution in Men’s party style this season. Whether it’s a DJ night, a sit-down dinner, a formal outdoor get-together with the boss or a networking binge, be on fleek! By Riya Malik

It’s harder for men than women—to keep their party-dressing different from other celebrations—but with a few key tweaks and style staples you can infuse serious personality into your party wardrobe without overdoing it.

The focus here is not about psychedelic lights and boom boom parties. This is about adults getting together to relax of an evening, to enjoy good company, mellow conversations and select music. Speaking of dressing for the occasion, male modern couture is about recognising the overall impression you want to convey, and then building your look to make sure you’re on point. For instance, a sense of humour can be conveyed with a quirky print on a pocket scarf, even while leaving the rest of your outfit straightforward. A casual man bag with a sharp suit can show you don’t take yourself too seriously. Contrasting shoes can
show you know how to take risks. All of these touches can also effortlessly go from work to playtime, a key necessity when social obligations and pressing work schedules collide.


The end of the year is the time to pull out some cool-weather favourites – charcoal and shades of grey, black, navy – yes, even shades of brown are joining them. Deep coppery browns were on the ramp, and should be in your closet, and offer a surprisingly chic option for trousers, especially when set off by tan shoes. Metallics are a big trend but you may play it down with just a silky finish to your fabrics. And go ahead, add the touch of stylish quirk with that rose in the buttonhole.


Women have already discovered this, and men are now discovering it too – hues you think of as traditionally summer don’t have to be ditched come winter. In fact, icy cool blues, pale yellows, peach accents and white all have their place in a late-year party wardrobe: all you need is to wear them right.

One on-trend way:layering shades of the same hue, from light to dark, is a seriously stylish way to look season ready – the layers add warmth and cosiness – but the different tones give the look more ‘depth’ and add a modern vibe,

Not ready to give up your greys and navies just yet? Contrast pastels with a season-appropriate dark – charcoal trousers and a printed summer blue; pale yellow offset against dark tan – to lighten a look that’s too heavy.


If there’s one thing every Indian man needs more of in his wardrobe, it’s prints – and the party season is the perfect time to come out and play.

Prints offer the perfect way to express your personality; they’re also a great way to infuse a touch of contemporariness into a wardrobe of suits and sleek tailoring. This season’s favourites include lush botanicals and the classic paisley, as well as more playful bird prints and quirky one-offs.Another huge direction for prints this season is crafts inspired – but on modern silhouettes. Think a tribal print on a sweatshirt, not a kurta, and you’ll know what we mean.

An even easier way to use prints? Take them into your accessories – starting with the pocket square that shows up every where this season! Use prints cleverly to add any type of personality you want: a plain red for drama; a fun print for lightness; a contrasting shade to break monotony; a monochrome one to offset a match elsewhere.


The one single thing that has never gone out of style? Comfort. This year, though, even slouchy is getting a make over with sleek, fluid pants taking on elasticised waists. But this isn’t track pants territory, the fabrics are silk or other high-end materials with great drape, and superbly tailored at that.

That philosophy informs everything this season – T-shirts are fluid but not shapeless; shirts flatter but don’t cling; pants follow a lean line but they’re not stretch denim. Bomber jackets lose their grunge and become more form-fitting. Fabric and tailoring are the mainstays this season. So head for The Arvind Store (TAS) – just make sure you have some time in hand and give yourself up to the experts at TAS.

Personality doesn’t have to be loud. It’s hard not to be charmed by Ranveer Singh’s exuberant expression of style – but not all of us are cut out for the overload of drama his look typically represents. Fortunately, this season Arvind offers a ton of ways to express your individuality without looking like a kid playing dress-up!


Go sockless
A suit. A tie. A pocket square. An overcoat over a suit for an outdoor do? No socks? Absolutely! Slim pants cut at the ankle throw your shoes into spotlight, and getting rid of socks makes the look a ton more casual – immediately putting you in the uber-stylish league with little effort.

Layer like a pro Layering isn’t just for girls and knowing how to do it well is an art. Choose light weight fabrics, tailored well, and you’ll add on structure without bulk. A particular favourite this season is the knee-length coat, worn with a shorter waistcoat or blazer. This has all the formality of a three piece but is more chic than corporate.


Wearing a tailored shirt and well-cut trousers? Add an unexpected element like a beanie and a man bag. They’re practical, they’re stylish, and they show your confidence and personality in a couple of tiny moves.The 2016 backpack is all leather and luxe, not grunge and gym, and it separates the men from the boys.Look for a quirky print for your pastel shirt and you will rock that casual do.


1. Choose deep blue: Try the classic contrast with white or go blue and blue as you see here to your left – Arvind style.

2. Keep that beard: Yes, don’t brush aside this grooming tip; it’s trending this Autumn Winter.Just keep off the scruffy look.

3. Don the coat and pair it to keep the palette casual. Check out the combination from Arvind (see below); and undo the top button, throw off the tie; and if it’s a daytime do, don’t forget the stylish shades and pocket square.Little things count.

4. Find a cheeky detail you enjoy – contrast cuffs, a quirky print,chunky statement shoes – then make that a frequent part of your style so that it becomes distinctly associated with you. It’s not repetition, it’s reinforcement!

5. Buy – or get tailored – a knee length A-line coat (check facing page). It’s the length the seriously trendy will wear this season. And it’s effective over jeans and tailored pants.

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