Style analyst Cathy D’Souza picks two of fashion’s most wanted.

Long gone are the days when women dominated the fashion spotlight while their male counterparts found themselves sidelined to anonymity. In the last decade, we’ve seen men push the boundaries and break through black-tie stereotypes to introduce more definition in their sartorial choices on the red carpet. Pioneering this change are two rather successful men, who don’t believe in following the rules; they believe in paving their own path.


Everyone’s favourite crooner, Farhan Akhtar, started his career behind the lens as an assistant director. Not one to shy away from the spotlight and with Bollywood having a huge influence on his childhood, Farhan made his acting debut in 2008. And that’s when everyone sat up and took notice of this raspy-voiced actor. Red carpet appearances and film promotions followed his acting debut and soon he was setting a trend that was never before seen in Bollywood. Farhan had a quirky sense of style and he didn’t bother to play it safe. While his contemporaries stuck to tried and tested, classic sartorial choices, Farhan went paces ahead and experimented with his look.

He’d wear a hat with his denim shirt; plimsolls and jeans and string a crossbody bag across his chest to shoots. It was almost as if he didn’t even try to fit in. Mostly found in his T-shirt and jeans, Farhan loves comfort and can often be seen wearing a T-shirt concealed underneath his sharp blazers. The nerdy sweater-over-shirt look? That’s Farhan as well! Take inspiration from his part-geeky, part-quirky style and give your suits a fresh spin by pairing them with hats, T-shirts and plimsolls.

Often seen wearing a T-shirt beneath his sharp blazers, here too his suit is paired with sneakers and a T-shirt.


Saif Ali Khan’s style choices are quite the opposite of Farhan Akhtar’s, yet both stars epitomise the global Indian at his best. Choose your muse

The 10th Nawab of Pataudi is as classy as his royal title. Saif started off his caree way back in the 1990s as Bollywood’s favourite chocolate boy, and he’s had hits and misses in his career ever since. But what he hasn’t missed is developing a very distinct sense of style and persona.

Widely considered as a “thinking actor” in the media, Saif has often been praised by his wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan, for being the kind of person who is knowledgeable and well-groomed. And we agree! No one quite does bandgalas and Nehru jackets as well as Saif. And it’s hard to forget that he’s royalty when he steps out in his tailored jackets, chinos and pastel shirts (and he does the pastel pink and lilac with unbeatable grace). On the red carpet, Saif has come to prefer classic suits with a bow tie or a double-breasted blazer and vest. As compared to Farhan, Saif prefers to stick to his classics, be it formal or traditional wear.

Here he is in one of his favourite Western ensembles. In Indian, the Nawab prefers bandgalas and sherwanis. Get inspired by this star’s style and his polished and suave manners.


Whether it’s a bandgala, Nehru jacket or suits for myriad occasions, Arvind has all you need to meet your sartorial choices and varying style moods.

Yes, greys are in fashion this season but passing trends notwithstanding, shades of greys go on forever. The good part is that they can be styled with most hues – when paired with white, it’s sophistication taken to the next level.

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