Men's Ready to Wear


Made to Measure

Choose from fine quality fabrics made from the best raw materials and cutting edge technology and get a luxurious fashion experience.

PRIMANTÈ worsted suitings are made in Italy and neighbouring European land. The designs are crafted by Eminent Italian Design house in Milan – the capital of fashion and innovation. It’s a collection of All wool & Wool rich fine count Suiting fabrics with blends like silk, mohair, Lycra, linen and innovative poly filaments.

Crafted to match the contemporary international style and luxury, Tresca is an elite fabric designed using some of the finest raw materials furnished by cutting edge technologies.

The Antalya collection is a line of meticulously crafted suits that are the cutting-edge of style and design. The designs and style are the epitome of modern and cool with 3 different collections – Elegance, Fast Fashion & Cerimonia

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Ready To Wear

Following the glorious journey of over nine decades in providing you with the finest in fashion and the best of craftsmanship, your trusted name of Arvind is now creating a niche in it’s all-new range of ready-to-wear.

Taking inspiration from its extraordinary legacy, the ready-to- wear is a culmination of bolder, sharper, and classier styles with fashionable fits.

Being a frontrunner in innovation and craftsmanship, our ready-to-wear collection is all about ingenuity and vibrancy, it highlights the sense of contemporary India while providing you with three remarkable product lines namely; work, leisure, and ceremonial.

The ready-to- wear represents the persona of a modern, aesthetic-loving gentleman, who stands true with his signature style and yet embraces changing fashion.

With access to the world’s finest tailoring fabrics and a rich heritage, The Arvind Store also houses readymade clothing from renowned brands like U.S Polo and Arrow.

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