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Stylish Men Are Not Poppies

04 10 2016

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On the importance of being fashionable by Creative Director Sounak Sen Barat

To look good... an existential need

As social beings, we are wired that way. I don’t know anyone who intentionally wants to look unattractive. Or anyone who doesn’t like being complimented for looking good. Do you? Despite trends of anti-fashion and norm-core, that basic tenet of human psychology doesn’t change.

Well dressed isn’t so much about fashion trends as it is about finding your comfort zone, your sweet spot. It is about finding your personal style. It is about finding what works for you, even if it is a black suit and a white shirt. Everyone has a personal sense of style. How one dresses up is a mix of one’s personal style combined with the desire to impress. Some may dress for others while some just for themselves. Some may be a mix of both.

Dressing well is a medium of expression. The way one dresses says a lot about oneself. A well dressed man is one who is confident in his skin, he knows that his clothes are not more important than he is, and can carry himself with grace in whatever he wears.

Magazines Cover

To be appreciated and to be complimented for the way we look, is a human need

Sartorial advice for urban men

Basic tips for day-to-day style

1. When you wear a suit, make sure your shirt collar is always held inside the blazer lapels and never on top of them. Ensure you button the top button every time you get up and walk and unbutton it before sitting down. Every time. Your last button should always be open. At all times, without any aberrations. Don’t overlook this seemingly small detail.

2. Fitting is everything. Your shirt collar, when buttoned, should sit on your neck with enough space to put a finger through. Not more not less.

For a jacket, it’s critical that your shoulders aren’t drooping. The edge of the jacket shoulder should align with the edge of your shoulder frame. These are details you must not overlook.

3. Shoes are the most important thing in a man’s wardrobe. Invest in a good pair. The first thing people observe is how clean your shoes are. “Clean” shoes say that you’re clutter-free. If you’re out there to make an impression, you’ve already scored brownie points even before you’ve started a conversation.

4. It is that time of the year! Festivities, euphoria, celebrations! This is the season of love and giving. A true gentleman is sensitive and compassionate, aware of social responsibilities. Wear that attitude alongside your suits and bespoke shoes. Your choices define the man you are. You clothes come a close second.

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Wear your attitude with grace and dignity as you do your ensembles


Arvind has a legacy of textile innovations since its inception in 1932. It has always got the pulse of the people. That is its biggest edge. Arvind has kept up with technological advancements while still being rooted in its core principles. Arvind is approachable, adaptable and solves people’s day to day wardrobe issues through its design innovations. Arvind has always been deeply rooted as an Indian entity through thick and thin, unfazed by competition. That magic mix of pride and humility trickles down to its products, its innovations, its life and design philosophy, its people, its culture and its attitude.

The USP of the Autumn Winter line

This season I present to you a finely curated range of fabrics and ready-to-stitch ensemble styles that are designed keeping in mind every need and occasion of today’s discerning global Indian. Whether it be a boardroom meeting, a friend’s wedding, festivals, brunches, formal dinners, work travel or vacation, we believe we have a solution for you. The entire design team has taken painstaking care to create a special line that reflects your minutest needs. “God lies in the details” they say. My personal attention has gone into ensuring that.

To add to that, I have personally curated various wardrobe solutions that you can mix and match in different ways to meet your needs. Clean, simple and classical elegant styles that you can easily associate with and create a lasting impression. Dress well, look your sharpest best and have a great season of festivity, contentment and happiness!

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