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The Arvind Store: Your destination for the latest fashion for men

If you're looking for the latest trends in fashion for men, then look no further! Regardless of whether you're looking for custom tailoring, fabrics for men's clothing or ready to wear outfits, The Arvind Store offers you the latest fashion for men and a lot more. You can enjoy a one-of-its-kind shopping experience at across any of the 100+ The Arvind Store outlets across the country.

Why limit yourself to shopping online for men's clothing?

When it comes to men's clothing, most online retailers offer the same choices. We, at The Arvind Store realise that you are defined by the clothes you wear. This is why, as part of our collection of men's clothing we offer more than the regular choice of suitings and shirtings. At The Arvind Store, you can choose from made to order outfits that will be customised as per your preferences.

The Arvind Store: The premium men's clothing store

The Arvind Store aims to create an enriching shopping experience through the convergence of Arvind's strongest competencies under one roof. The Arvind Store, which is a men's clothing store not only has the entire range of Arvind's shirting & suiting fabrics. The suiting collection at The Arvind Store consists of new-age fabrics that are perfectly suited for the Indian market.

A history of the Arvind Mills

The year 1930 was when the world suffered the great depression. At about this time, Mahatma Gandhi championed the Swadeshi Movement and at his call, people from all across India began boycotting fine and superfine fabrics, which had so far been imported from England. In the midst of this depression one family saw opportunity. The Lalbhais reasoned that the demand for fine and superfine fabrics still existed. And any Indian company that met this demand would surely prosper. The three brothers, Kasturbhai, Narottambhai and Chimanbhai, decided to set up a mill to produce superfine fabric. Next they looked around for state-of-the-art machinery that could produce such high quality fabric. The best technology of that time was acquired at an attractive price. And a company called Arvind Limited was born.

Arvind Limited: Shaping the World of Fashion

Since the past seven decades, Arvind Limitedhas been defining and shaping many collections and trendsetting styles across the ramps and retail outlets of the fashion capitals of the world. Arvind Limited is today synonymous with a vast range of lifestyles products - be it fabrics or brands. Time and again we have been called to produce some of the finest fabrics and exacting dresses for some of the world's most quality conscious brands - while evolving our own extensive brand portfolio.

The Arvind Store: A unique concept in the Indian retail space

After decades of ruling the national and international fabric markets, Arvind introduced The Arvind Store, a unique concept in fabrics and apparel retail. The Arvind Storebrings together, under one roof, the best that Arvind has to offer. It is a convergence of three of Arvind's strongest capabilities, the best of fabrics from Arvind's textiles division, leading apparel brands from Arvind Brands and bespoke styling solutions based on the latest garment styles from Arvind Studios. In a world where bespoke tailoring meets cutting edge fashion, The Arvind Store will create a shopping experience to rival the best in the Indian marketplace.

Arvind Clothing Store

The Arvind Store has 4 sections - Premium Shirting & Suiting Fabrics, Studio Arvind, ADL and Readymades.

Fabric Zone has the best fabrics for suiting and shirtings from the House of Arvind. Studio Arvind, our custom tailoring unit, brings to the fore all of Arvind's knowledge in creating world-class garments. Arvind Denim Labs is a concept, exclusive to The Arvind Store as for the very first time it offers tailor-made denims for you. Completing the set of offerings are the in-house apparel brands in the ready-mades section. Arrow, US Polo and Flying Machine make up a range that reflects the future of India's youth fashion that believes in delivering world class fashion to a discerning consumer.